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Wedding Party


Nicky Pelletier (Left):  Lauren and Nicky have been friends since growing up together in Bangor.  They have always stayed in touch and even spent time together in New Zealand.  Nicky is always the life of the party and when paired with Lauren they are double trouble.

Sarah Ting (Right):  Sarah and Lauren have been friends since meeting at Smith College.  Sarah is the logical one and always has sound advice but Lauren brings her a dose of craziness!  These two together could talk your head off for hours!

Bennett Chamberland:  Bennett and Matt have been friends since Bennett started at the MSSM in 1999. Together they have been through everything from litigation to weddings in 11 years, and yet sometimes we still listen to the same bad music from 2000.
Dave Argue:  Dave and Matt have been friends since their Sophomore years at WPI when they joined Phi Sigma Kappa together.  Dave's sense of adventure, and ability to turn anything into a good time drove Matt to move to Boston.